Indigenous Considerations in the Procurement Process

Parsons Inc. (“Parsons” or “Prime Contractor”) is the Prime Contractor for the Main Construction Management Services project as issued by the Government of Canada (GoC) for the Giant Mine Remediation Project (GMRP). Parsons is committed to ensuring procurement will be conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner while addressing Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement commitments and GoC’s procurement objectives regarding Indigenous and local northern opportunities.

Parsons applies "Indigenous Opportunities Consideration" (IOC), to all requests for proposal (RFP) and invitations to tender (ITT). IOC  gives consideration in the evaluation of proposals or bids to the inclusion of Indigenous employment, training and subcontracting. Bidders are required to submit a completed IOC certification as part of their proposal/bid (Offering). The IOC  is worth 15 percent of a total bid's scoring. Bidders must ensure that their Offering contains enough IOC documentation and information to enable the Evaluation Committee to complete its evaluation. Parsons provides IOC forms that bidders can use to prepare their IOC documents to be included in their Offering.

Proof of IOC efforts and/or guarantees made by the Offeror must include, but not be limited to, the names of persons or companies hired, trained or contracted, and the nature of the undertakings at the time of the submission as applicable. Offerors are only eligible to receive points for demonstrated commitments. Offerors must include all reference material to be considered. Only material and/or documents submitted in the Offering will be considered. URL links to website will not be considered. According to the IOC  technical criteria, points are awarded for four different categories, as follows:

  1. Head Office of the bidder (5/100 points)
  2. Indigenous Training hours (15/100 points)
  3. Indigenous Labour as a percentage of total labour hours (40/100 points)
  4. Indigenous Procurement through subcontractors and/or suppliers as a percentage of total procurement (40/100 points)

Head Office - Bidder has an office located in Mǫwhì Gogha Dè Nı̨ı̨tłèè area (local area).

Indigenous Training - Commitments and firm guarantees for Indigenous training hours.

Indigenous Employment - Commitments and firm guarantees for Indigenous labour hours as a percentage of total labour hours.

Indigenous Subcontractors, Suppliers - . Bidder has provided a plan demonstrating the proposed approach to utilizing local area Indigenous subcontractors and/or suppliers The plan should include but not be limited to: potential subcontractors and suppliers, list of existing available local area Indigenous subcontractors and suppliers, and outreach to them.

bidders are required to complete the IOC form even if zero (0) IOC commitments are made. It is available for download here. Parsons reserves the right to verify any information provided in the IOC  guarantee and that untrue statements may result in the Offering being declared non-responsive.