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Parsons Inc. (“Parsons” or “Prime Contractor”) is the Prime Contractor for the Main Construction Management Services project as issued by the Government of Canada for the Giant Mine Remediation Project (GMRP). Following a competitive bid process, Parsons determined Boart Longyear was the best value firm to provide Tailings Rehabilitation Drilling (Tailings Drilling) at the Giant Mine. The work entails drilling to collect samples will be conducted in the North, Central, South ponds and dams and includes but is not limited to: • Drilling of boreholes using a sonic drill to an assumed depth of 25 meters • Collecting thin-walled tube samples • Installations of standpipe piezometers • Conduct Piezocone Penetration tests (CVP) • Conduct downhole seismic tests and pore water dissipation tests • Install thermistor strings in boreholes • Conduct Field Vane Shear Test (FVST) • Backfill all boreholes to surface using cementitious grout upon completion • Log and record all results.

Please call or email Louie Azzolini, Economic Development Manager if you have any questions about this notification. He can be reached at 867-688-0655 and