Employment Opportunity Det'on Cho Nuna Joint Venture

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
JOB DUTIES • Proficient operation of a 966 Loader (or equivalent), Medium sized Graders, an IT 14 class Forklift and a 30 ton class excavator. • Uphold safety policies and promote safety awareness, through day-to-day attitudes and actions. • Utilize the safeguards, safety appliances and personal protective equipment or devices • Report to Shift Supervisor any injury, accident, near miss or equipment damage. • Ensure that the job site is safe, free of hazards and or dangerous conditions prior to commencing any work. • Attend all safety and toolbox meetings. • Provide field support for the Deton’ Cho Nuna Joint Venture (DCNJV) Giant Mine operation. • Use equipment and tools appropriately, safely, and with due care. • Work in compliance with DCNJV’s and the Client’s Policies and Procedures. • Performs all duties assigned to him or her by the Shift Supervisor.