Friday, November 25, 2022

Solicitation No. 476721-0068

Regional Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Businesses

Parsons, as the Main Construction Manager (MCM) for the Giant Mine Remediation Project (GMRP) and acting as both the Mine Manager and Prime Contractor, will be soliciting a tender for the Site Security for the Giant Mine, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. This Invitation to Tender is being set up as a Regional Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Businesses, (PSIB). More information on how to qualify as a PSIB business can find information here: This Regional PSIB ITT will include, but is not limited to, the following:

• Provide diligent protection of the Site and assets and restrict public access to the mine Site in accordance with referenced acts, standards, practices, and regulations, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction, using security measures, including but not limited to, security personnel conducting regular patrols to monitor Site for trespassing, vandalism, and theft for 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
• The work of this contract will require the subcontractor to provide all mobile equipment, including certain pieces of equipment that must be on Site on a full-time basis. Backup equipment does not need to be on the Site on a full-time basis but must be readily available when required.
• Maintain records of activities, record sightings of wildlife on Site, monitor and keep a log of employees working alone as per pre-arranged communication procedures, receive and unload small deliveries by hand at Site gate and notify the Parsons Site Supervisor or office staff of their arrival; these would be limited to mail, courier packages, and similar mailable parcels.
• Subcontractor will provide traffic control professionals to aid in traffic control for the entire site.
• Subcontractor will procure and implement radio frequency identification program.
• Subcontractor will provide transportation services between Yellowknife and Giant Mine.

A mandatory pre-bid and site tour meeting will take place in December 2022. Work is anticipated to start Spring 2023.
Parsons is committed to ensuring procurement is conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner while meeting Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (CLCA) commitments and the Government of Canada’s procurement objectives regarding Indigenous opportunities. Competitive proposals will be solicited using the MERX Canadian Public Tenders website to select the best value firm to deliver the product to the Giant Mine in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.